Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer Bistro 1400-Watt 3-Tier Rapid Food Steamer

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Food steamers are a great way to cook multiple dishes at once. They can also be used to heat water. Some models include a thermometer that can help you determine how hot the water is. Desertcart is a 100% legitimate site that has been operating in 164 countries since 2014. We can deliver this item to you speedily without any hassles and charges.

Thermostat Control

The built in thermostat automatically controls the heating element to ensure proper temperature for all types of foods. This unique feature eliminates the need to constantly monitor the steamer while cooking. This makes it easy for beginners to use, as well as experienced chefs. It also helps to prevent overheating that can occur with some other brands of food steamers. IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Additional Safety Information Before Your First Use Other Safety Precautions Care and Cleaning Plug in the power cord to a standard 120V AC outlet. Refer to the Know Your Rapid Steamer section of the manual to see the correct order for assembling your steamer. This steamer is rated at 1400 watts and should be the only appliance operating on the circuit.

Steaming Guide

Steam times may vary depending on food type, size/portion, freshness, position/spacing of items in the steaming baskets and personal preference. Always test a small piece of meat for doneness before continuing to cook. A single layer (basket) of foods steams faster than several layers. Arrange the meat in the bottom steamer tray. Add water and steam for 30 minutes or until meat is fork tender. Place vegetables in the middle steamer tray and place rice in the top steamer tray. Set the timer for 18 minutes and steam until the centers are just wobbly. Remove from steamer and chill before serving.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator feature of a Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer is an excellent way to keep track of the amount of water in the unit. This is especially important when cooking foods that require long periods of time to cook. The water level indicator will let you know when the container is nearly empty so that you can replenish it. There are many different types of food steamers available on the market. Some of them are designed to be used in conjunction with a pressure cooker, while others can be used as a standalone piece of kitchen equipment. The Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer Bistro is an example of a device that can be used in combination with other appliances. This particular Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer is a three tier model with removable stainless steel trays. It also includes a rice tray, steam vent, water tank lid, steamer basket and manual with recipes. It is also dishwasher safe. It is important to note that the temperature of the water in a food steamer can vary depending on a variety of factors. For this reason, it is a good idea to test the temperature of the water before using it for cooking. A Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer is a great choice for people who want to be able to make healthy meals quickly and easily. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, including making vegetables and meats. In addition, it can be used to prepare puddings and other desserts. Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer Bistro 1400-Watt 3-Tier Rapid Food Steamer

Keep Warm Function

The steamer automatically switches to the warm setting once the cooking cycle is complete. This prevents food from overcooking and burning. This feature also saves energy by not having to preheat the oven and lets you prepare meals faster. The Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer Bistro 1400Watt 3Tier Rapid Food Steamer is a versatile appliance that has the power of a conventional oven. It cooks three times the amount of food in half the time. It also retains the intrinsic moisture of meat, keeping it juicy and tender. This makes it perfect for family dinners or large dinner parties. Steaming times may vary depending on food size, portion, freshness, position/spacing inside the Basket Trays, and personal preferences. Always refer to the Know Your Food Steamer and Cleaning & Care sections of this manual for further information. The Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer is a versatile appliance that combines the functions of a rice cooker and a steamer. It can steam rice, vegetables, fish and poultry while also acting as a slow cooker for pot roasts, stews and more. It has a convenient built-in rice measuring cup and plastic spoon, making it easy to use and clean. The steamer also comes with a non-stick coating and a condensation cup for a mess-free experience. The dishwasher safe bowl and lid make the steamer easy to clean. It’s a great addition to any kitchen.

Removable Trays

Steaming is a very healthy way to prepare food. This is because it doesn’t add any fat or oil to your meals. It also allows you to cook a variety of foods, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, and rice. The Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer Bistro 1400Watt 3Tier Rapid Food Steamer can cook three times as much food as traditional ovens in a fraction of the time. The device features a unique 3-tiered design that makes it easy to prepare entire meals at once. The quick-heating boiler can reach full cooking temperature in less than a minute. The steamer includes three stainless steel baskets, a rice tray, a water tank, and a filter. The removable trays on this Wolfgang Puck food steamer allow you to cook different types of foods at the same time. They also come with a convenient storage compartment that helps you keep your food warm after it’s finished steaming. Its sleek and modern design will look great in any kitchen. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for any household. This Wolfgang Puck food steamer is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to eat healthier and avoid unhealthy foods. Its 3-tiered system lets you steam a variety of dishes at once, which is ideal for busy families. It also has a built-in reservoir that holds up to two gallons of water. The tank is also designed to prevent rust and corrosion. One of the best ways to get the most out of your Wolfgang Puck Food Steamer is by using it with the right recipes. Here are some of the best ones to try out:

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