Total Chef TCCSF-02 Stainless-Steel 2-Tier Chocolate Fountain

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Chocolate fountains make it easy to serve a delicious and fun dessert to guests. They heat chocolate to a liquefied state, and a motor pulls the liquid to the top of the fountain where it cascades down several tiers. Chocolate fountains come in small consumer models and large professional sizes. The home versions tend to be made of plastic parts, while professional fountains have stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

StainlessSteel Construction

The Total Chef TCCSF02 StainlessSteel 2Tier Chocolate Fountain is made from a durable stainless steel that will not only hold up to your abrasions but keep its shine for years to come. The two tiers of the octogonal jar are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its 650ml capacity is enough for a small to medium sized gathering and the large stainless steel jar holds a generous 680 grams of the sweet stuff. It comes in a sleek black finish that matches any decor and the on board LED lighting is a welcome addition. This is a great buy for any home or office that wants to add a touch of class to their food and beverage offerings. The best part is it won’t break your budget. You can purchase it for as little as $119.99 and we offer free shipping to most of the 164 countries where our delivery service is available. Total Chef TCCSF-02 Stainless-Steel 2-Tier Chocolate Fountain

Easy to Assemble

A chocolate fountain is a great addition to any occasion. Whether you're hosting a family gathering, wedding, banquet or birthday party, a chocolate fountain will add to the fun and create a memorable experience for your guests. The Total Chef TCCSF02 StainlessSteel 2Tier Chocolate Fountain is easy to assemble and is designed for easy operation. It features a separate heating and motor function for the fountain effect, with an auger system to ensure an even flow of chocolate. The top cap, auger tube and tiers are dishwasher safe for quick clean-up. When you're ready to use your fountain, make sure it is set on a sturdy, level surface. If the base isn't level, it can cause uneven sheeting of chocolate on the tiers, which will result in the fountain not functioning properly and will cause the chocolate to spill over. Once you're ready to serve, pour in about 2.27 to 9.07 Kilograms of melted chocolate into the fountain and let it melt until it is smooth and liquid. Be sure to stir it frequently while it melts, since this will prevent crystallization and create a more creamy texture. The chocolate can then be dipped into various treats, including fruits, cakes, biscuits, and pretzels. You can also try adding liqueurs to the melted chocolate for a more sophisticated flavor. Depending on the size of your fountain, it may take a few minutes for the chocolate to melt completely. Be sure to stir it constantly while you're melting it, and don't allow it to cool too much before you're ready to pour it into the fountain. You can melt the chocolate in a double-Dutch boiler on the stovetop or in the microwave, using medium heat and stirring regularly. You can also melt it in a bowl in the oven, with low temperatures and stirring frequently. If you're unsure how to assemble your chocolate fountain, it's a good idea to consult the owner's manual. The instructions will tell you exactly how to assemble each part, which can save you time and frustration later on. When it's time to clean your fountain, be sure to never leave chocolate in it after you've used it. If the chocolate hardens, it's a lot harder to get out, and the machine could burn out if someone turned it on while it was still solidified. Once the chocolate has cooled, use a hair dryer or a hot air gun to shoot warm air on the tiers and auger tube to free them from the melted chocolate.

Easy to Clean

The Total Chef TCCSF02 StainlessSteel 2Tier Chocolate Fountain is the most fun and easy to clean chocolate fountain on the market. It features a self-heating basin and separate heating and motor functions that ensure your chocolate will be ready to pour when the time comes. It also has an auger that prevents jams and maintains a smooth flow of melted chocolate. Its stainless steel tiers and basin easily remove to allow for easy cleaning and a built-in drip guard protects your table from messy spills. When choosing the best chocolate fountain for your needs, consider how many people you are planning to feed and whether or not you are interested in a home model that will be a permanent fixture in your kitchen, or a commercial grade machine that will get the job done at events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and birthday parties.

Easy to Operate

Chocolate fountains are an easy way to provide guests with a fun experience while they dip strawberries, pretzels, and other foods into melted chocolate. They're also an inexpensive option for birthday parties or other special events. The Total Chef TCCSF02 StainlessSteel 2Tier Chocolate Fountain is easy to operate, and the stainless steel basin and tiers can be removed for quick clean up. Its auger-style pump ensures a steady flow of melted chocolate, and separate heating and motor functions keep the chocolate at a consistent temperature. There are several different types of chocolate fountains available, including small consumer models that feed about 10 people and large professional versions that can accommodate up to 100 guests. The larger professional models can melt and churn as much as 30 pounds of chocolate at a time. Decide how many people you usually host and what type of chocolate you want to use, and then choose a model that will meet your needs. For example, if you plan to host large gatherings on a regular basis, it's a good idea to get a model that has a quiet motor.

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