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A hot sip of morning coffee or tea is the day maker for some people. Do you ever get afraid of spilling your coffee or tea? And you love your tumbler but don’t enjoy drinking in it because it does not have a handle. And, are you looking to buy a handle for your 30oz yeti tumbler? You have come to the right place. Because today, I will tell you about something extraordinary, and after using that, you will keep your Yeti tumbler with you every time.

Strata handle for Yeti Tumblers:

Strata cups offered a solution to the issue of handling a Yeti tumbler. To avoid the tumbler falling off your hand, people tend to sit and have their tea in a single spot. But now, the double grip Strata tumbler handle holds your tumbler like it’s never going to let it go. The strata tumbler handler is unique in a different way. It helps you hold your yeti tumbler anywhere, whether you are walking, sitting, or driving a car. It fits everywhere you put it. It has a comfortable grip that never hurts your hand in any way. The BPA-free handle holds the tumbler tight.

How does it help?

  • No Tumblers Slipping: It ensures Maximum Protection of your tumbler. The BPA free handle always holds your yeti tumbler perfectly.
  • Best Fit For 30oz Tumblers: The handle was designed following one principle “One Size Fits All.” It accommodates almost all brands of 30oz size. Whether, it’s from SIC, Ozark, or Yeti tumblers, of course.
  • Maximum Comfort: There is no compromise on the comfort and durability it provides. The BPA-free plastic helps it keep a good grip on the tumbler from every angle you hold. The unmatched quality keeps the user satisfied.
  • Fits with every Brand: Thermik, Ozark Trail, Titan, Polar Pad, K2, Smart, Yeti Tumbler, Iconiq, Sic Glacier, Engel, Polar Drifter, Iceberg, Mossy Oak, Magnum Steel, Frosti Tumblers, Kryo Kup, Bison, Zero, Grid Gear, Eskimo, Kodiak, Boss, Epic And Frosti Tumblers.
  • Double Grip Double Security: With double grip, “no slipping” is guaranteed. The top and bottom grip shall hold the tumbler firmly whether you are walking or driving your car.
  • No Shape Changing: while other handles may change their shape with time. The strata tumbler always maintains its shape and never feels like it’s going to slip your tumbler away at any moment.

Features of Yeti Tumbler Handle:

Product Dimensions5.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches
MaterialHard Plastic
BrandStrata Cup
Item Weight1.9 ounces
Capacity10, 20, 30 Fluid Ounces

How Strata tumbler handle is different from others?

The beauty and uniqueness of the Strata tumbler handle will compel you to fall in love with it. The sleek design and the comfortable grip will make you have it in your hand all day. Unlike others, the Strata tumbler handler keeps your tumbler secure and in two grips. That’s the thing that makes the Strata handler different from others. Just put your Yeti tumbler inside and take it with you anywhere you want. Available in multiple colors, the strata tumbler handler makes it even more attractive. Are you concerned about the size? Do not worry; it comes for different tumblers like 10oz, 20oz, and 30oz.<br />


  • Made with sturdy material.
  • Fits in the drink holder in the car.
  • Fits with every brand with compatible size.


  • Does not fit with RTIC Tumbler.

What about user reviews?

After discussing so many things, you might still be thinking, why should I buy it? Let’s help you out a little more. There are 9 out of every ten people in the Amazon Customer Review section who are optimistic about the product and recommending the product to other people for use. By purchasing this particular product, people forgot about the idea of buying something else. However, some people did complain about the fitting issue of lower grip. But after dipping it in hot water for a couple of minutes, it began to fit fine.


With all the qualities and features discussed above, you should be thinking of trying it finally. Being compatible with every brand, it works as a master key to open all the doors. Strata tumbler handle is by far the best option for your 30oz yeti tumbler as it holds your tumbler real tight. It never hurts your hands and especially your pocket with your hard-earned money.

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