Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand Mixer, White

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With full-size chrome beaters and whisk, the Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand Mixer White is a popular choice for light mixing tasks. It’s also rated high for value and performance, as well as design and ease of use. The mixer is ranked #3 in our rankings of the lightest hand mixers.

Powerful 1.3 amp DC motor

The powerful 1.3 amp DC motor of the Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand Mixer White is built to last, providing more consistent speed and 15% more torque* than standard electric mixers. This motor also runs quieter for a better mixing experience. This hand mixer is ideal for preparing all types of recipes including cookie dough, cake batter and whipped cream. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and store. It features 5 speeds and Boost, which allows you to add more power when necessary. It is a great choice for anyone looking to save space in their kitchen. This hand mixer can be purchased from desertcart, a 100% legitimate online store that ships products across the globe. Moreover, the site offers unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries and delivers the Proctor Silex Plus 62545 hand mixer to your doorstep quickly without any hassles.

Slow Start(tm) technology

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More stability

The Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand Mixer White may be a touch tamer than a well deserved gander, but it's still no slouch when it comes to mixing your ingredients. Whether you're prepping the perfect batch of cookies or making a mean ribeye, this top of the class machine will deliver the goods in the name of gold. 164+ countries and counting. You'll be chowing down on the best of 'em in no time. It's the hottest name in town and we're talking a cool one.

Less tipping

The Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand Mixer White is a versatile mixer with 5 speeds to mix, stir, beat and whip. It features a powerful 1.3 amp DC motor that delivers more power and torque to handle heavy ingredients, yet runs quieter for a more enjoyable mixing experience. Stainless steel twisted wire beaters make mixing faster and clog less for better efficiency, while Slow Start(tm) technology helps reduce messy splatters when folding in dry ingredients like flour. The Bowl Rest(tm) and nonskid heel also help stabilize the mixer on the edge of the bowl when not in use. You can buy the Proctor Silex Plus 62545 Hand mixer from desertcart, a renowned online shopping store that offers the best selection of branded products from across the world at the lowest prices and fastest delivery time. You can get it delivered to your doorstep in Aruba and 164+ countries worldwide.

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