Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill

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Great panini maker/grill. Easy to clean and cooks evenly. I've even used it to grill steaks and shrimp wrapped in bacon. Definitely worth the money. You can buy Oster CKSTPM6001ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill from desertcart with ease because it is an authorized site that operates in 164 countries and has excellent customer service.


The innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick coating on this Oster Extra Large Panini Maker and Grill is PFOA and PTFE free, for healthier cooking. It also cooks up to 20% faster than traditional non-stick coatings, and it wipes clean with ease. Its ceramic coating is durable and long-lasting, with no flaking or peeling. It’s an excellent little grill for anyone who lives in an apartment or doesn’t have a gas grill. I’ve used it to grill sandwiches and steaks, and it always turns out perfectly with just the right amount of char. Is it safe to buy this product on desertcart? Yes, it is. It’s a 100% legitimate site that operates in 164 countries and has an excellent reputation on portals like Trustpilot.

DuraCeramic non-stick ceramic coating

Whether you're grilling up sandwiches or preparing meals, the DuraCeramic nonstick ceramic coating on this Oster panini maker is tough enough to resist flaking and peeling. It also cooks up to 20% faster than standard nonstick coatings, making it a fast and easy way to prepare foods. The coating is safe and natural, free of PTFE and PFOA, and it won't release harmful fumes during use. You can order the Oster Extra Large Titanium Infused Dura Ceramic Panini Maker And Indoor Grill Black CKSTPM 6001 TECO without any hassle at desertcart, which is an international site that offers secure online ordering and shipping to 164 countries. The site has been operating since 2014 and is known for its excellent customer service. Moreover, it's a 100% legitimate site with security systems and other latest technologies in place to protect customer information. Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill

Easy to clean

If you’re looking for a panini maker that can also grill food, this is the one to buy. It’s compact and easy to use, and it’s a good value for the money. It lacks some of the features of other models, such as removable cooking plates and adjustable temperature controls, but it’s still a great option for those who want to make delicious grilled sandwiches at home. The grill plates are nonstick, which makes this a good choice for those who don’t want to deal with messy clean-up. However, you should always be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your plates. If you’re not careful, you could damage the nonstick coating and ruin the device. Also, be sure to avoid using abrasive scrubbers and steel wool on the grill plates. There are many different types of grill plates for panini makers, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs. Iron-cast plates are sturdier and more scratch-resistant than non-stick plates, but they’re also heavier and more expensive. Non-stick plates are lighter, easier to clean, and they can be used for both grilling and pressed sandwiches. Some panini makers have both types of grill plates, and some have a combination of both. A commercial panini press is a must-have for any restaurant or cafeteria that serves toasted sandwiches or other foods with a grilled flavor. It can help you satisfy your customers’ seemingly insatiable appetite for hot, grilled foods. However, a commercial panini maker is also a heavy-duty kitchen appliance that requires frequent cleaning. It’s important to understand how to clean a panini maker properly in order to keep it running smoothly.

ECO mode

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make sandwiches and paninis, this model is a good choice. It has a great nonstick surface that holds up to regular use and cleans easily. It also has a cool touch handle that makes it easy to maneuver. It’s a perfect choice for apartments or anyone without a gas grill. It can even be used to cook steaks. Some of the best panini makers have removable plates that allow you to grill and toast food on both sides. These plates are usually flat and smooth instead of ribbed like a traditional grill, which helps the machine heat the food evenly across all surfaces. These plates are also dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning the appliance much easier than it could be with a regular griddle. Another great feature of this appliance is its ability to sense the thickness of your sandwich or wrap, so it can adjust the temperature accordingly. This means that you can get a perfectly crisp, juicy sandwich every time without worrying about overcooking the bread or undercooking the fillings. This is particularly useful for grilled chicken breasts, as it prevents overcooking the outside of the meat. This is one of the most popular models on the market and is highly rated by customers. This electric grill and panini press is compact and takes up 31% less space than the average stovetop Panini maker, making it ideal for tight spaces. It’s also made from durable materials and is compatible with most cookware and utensils. The grill is also easy to store, thanks to its stackable design. It is made from aluminum and features the advanced George Tough nonstick coating that is 3x more durable than standard nonstick.


This is a great little grill for those without access to a gas grill. It is very solid and sturdy and it works well as a panini maker or grill. I’ve even cooked a couple steaks in it and they came out with perfect char and grill marks. It’s also very easy to clean. This reviewer received promo considerations or sweepstakes entry. You can buy Oster Extra Large Dura Ceramic Non-stick Panini Maker and Indoor Grill CKSTPM6001ECO from desertcart, which ships to over 164 countries around the world. It is a 100% legitimate site with secure payment systems and the latest software technologies to protect customer details and transactions.

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