Copco double wall insulated water tumbler

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While working at home or office people want 2 things a good internet and a good tumbler to keep their drinks cold and coffee hot. Copco insulated water tumbler is the best choice in the case drinks. Copco water tumbler will keep the ice cold so much that you would be left with ice cubes in the end to chew. The screw lid becomes so tight that it won’t spill out any amount of liquid out of the tumbler even when knocked down. Made with BPA-Free hard plastic will not break even if it falls on the floor. Not only the tumbler but the straw is also made of hard plastic that is hard enough to break the ice inside the tumbler. Let’s move further by looking at the features of the Copco insulated water tumbler:
ColorMultiple designs
Item weight0.41 pounds
Capacity24 fluid ounces.

More about Copco insulated water tumbler:


Shatter Proof material:

The double walled insulated water tumbler is pretty sturdy that can take small shocks easily and don’t break. The shatter proof hard plastic make saves it from breaking or cracking when it fell on the floor. The BPA-Free material is becoming common practice which is good for the health of people for saving people from harmful materials. The hard plastic unlike glass does not create problem of scattering across the floor and risking everyone.


The double wall insulation is specially designed to maintain your drink’s temperature for longer time. The outer wall is the safety wall for inner cup. It does not let the outer temperature affect the drink inside the tumbler. Like I said the double wall insulated tumbler keeps the drinks cold or hot which means you can take it with you anywhere you want.

Screw lid:

Copco has made a special lid by giving it a screw design. This screw helps the lid to get tight enough that it won’t let the liquid out even if the tumbler falls on the floor. The copco insulated tumbler is also safe to use when you are using your laptop. Sometime it happens when you accidentally spill your drink on your laptop. This can become disastrous because your data is not something to let go. The tumbler lid is necessary thing to prevent dust and insects to fall in the drink. Even if you are outside the house nothing will fall in your drink as there is protection available. The Copco insulated tumbler provides you a straw made of hard plastic, hard enough to break the ice at the bottom of the tumbler. Unlike other tumblers you will not need to open the tumbler again and again to drink as there is a straw available.

Cleaning is Easy:

The tumbler easy to clean like the other kitchen items you just have to put some liquid and a sponge. The lid is easy to remove and straw too. The tumbler is not sharp edged so you do not need to worry about cutting your fingers. The copco insulated tumbler comes in many designs the dotted design is most famous and like one.

Use it Every where:

The BPA-Free insulated tumbler is a product that you can use it anywhere you want. If you are a traveler and like to travel very often then this water tumbler is the best choice to keep you hydrated for hours. The double walled insulated tumbler will keep the water cold for long time that you will not need to put ice again inside the tumbler. Having dinner with friends? Why don’t you take the tumbler having coffee inside? The attractive design and durability of copco water tumbler is second to none. Let me give you another idea. Take the tumbler to the beach party. Its unique design will capture so many eyes. If you want to enjoy the party and dance with others then don’t be shy the lid won’t let your drink spill out of the tumbler. Many customers have acknowledged this fact that the lid is completely leak proof. Another plus point of the tumbler is if you are out on a picnic on green sight then, there would be insects and dust around you. The lid prevents anything from entering inside the tumbler. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your drink when you are outside. The double walled insulated tumbler will keep your drinks cold for long.   After discussing the major features of the tumblers let’s have a look at some pros and cons of copco water tumbler.


  • Spill proof lid
  • Double wall insulation
  • Double wall insulation


  • Its big base does not fit in everyone’s hand.

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The BPA-Free Copco double-walled insulated water tumbler is the best choice when it comes to durability, quality, and Price which is the most valuable determinant. At this price a good quality tumbler will be at your doorstep which can be used anywhere you want like in parties, dinners, traveling to name a few. The hard plastic is sturdy and unlike glass Copco water tumbler is shatterproof. If you are looking for a good tumbler at a reasonable price then this is the best choice.  

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