BELLA 13872 Food Steamer, Black

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If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use steamer, the BELLA 13872 Food Steamer Black is worth checking out. It’s got a few convenient features and it comes with a two-year warranty. It’s got a two-tier design and a 7L capacity, which means you can cook multiple foods at once. It also has a ready indicator light and an auto shut-off feature.

Product Description

The BELLA 13872 Food Steamer Black is one of the best food steamers on the market today. This smart product has several convenient features including a manual timer and a water reservoir view window. This feature makes it easy to know how much water you have in the reservoir so that you don’t run out and need to refill it. It also comes with a guess-free steaming guide chart so you can get the perfect results every time. Other conveniences include a ready indicator light and an automatic shut-off that turns off when the unit is empty. It also has dishwasher safe parts that make cleaning a breeze. The BELLA 13872 is perfect for people who enjoy cooking and want to prepare healthy meals that taste great.

Product Features

The BELLA 13872 Food Steamer Black is a multifunctional cooking machine that is designed to make it easy for you to cook your favourite foods in a healthy way. It has a two-tier design that allows you to cook multiple items at once, making meal preparation a breeze. It also features an auto shut off and boil dry protection, so you can rest assured that your meals are safe to eat. The water reservoir view window helps you know if you have enough water to finish your meal, and a guess-free steaming guide chart is embedded on the unit so that you can guarantee perfect steaming results every time. It also features an external water filter with level indicator, and a dishwasher safe rice bowl. In addition, it has a clear plastic basket that lets you see what's inside. BELLA 13872 Food Steamer, Black

Product Specifications

Using a food steamer is an easy way to cook delicious, healthy meals without using oil. It is also convenient since you don’t have to clean the pot after each use. The best steamers have a large capacity and are designed to be easy to operate. Fortunately, there are several options available online that can help you find the right food steamer for your needs. These models are BPA-free and include all the features you need to make steamed foods healthy and tasty. The BELLA 13872 Food Steamer Black is an excellent option for those looking to get their hands on a quality food steamer that is durable and easy to use. It has two tiers that can hold 7.4 quarts of water, which is enough to cook a full meal with sides. It also features a water reservoir view window that lets you know when you’re low on water. The automatic shut-off feature will ensure that the machine doesn’t start steaming when you don’t have enough water, making it safe to use. Another great feature is the external water reservoir, which makes it easier to fill the water. You can see the level through a window on the front of the unit, and you can refill it easily. This unit is great for families who need to prepare a lot of food at once. It can cook a lot of different types of food, including meat and vegetables. It’s also durable and comes with a two-year warranty. One of the best features of the BELLA 13872 Food Steamer is its two-tier design. It can hold a lot of food and has clear plastic baskets to allow you to see what’s cooking while it’s in the process. The BELLA 13872 is also easy to clean. Its base and bottom tier are dishwasher safe, and its lid is easy to remove and clean. The entire steamer is made from durable materials that can last for years to come. It also comes with a 60-minute auto shut off timer that keeps the water in the steamer for the recommended time. This is important for safe cooking. It also has a keep-warm function that allows you to reheat your food later. The food stays warm for about 12 hours, so you can enjoy it when you’re ready.

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