Best Leak proof 30oz Tumbler Lid for Yeti Tumblers

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In the morning, sitting on the couch enjoying the smoking hot coffee, would you want your tumbler to shake and spill out the hot coffee on your lap? And you start running everywhere looking for something cold to get some relief. So, if you want to save yourself from this small but painful trouble, then, I suggest you to buy a lid to prevent your drink from spilling out anytime. Lid is not something you have never heard of, but having a lid that fits your YETI tumbler or cup would be great. And 30oz acrylic lid form SENHAI does the job for almost every tumbler.

Features of the Lid:

ColorBlack, Green ,Red
Item Weight0.55 Pounds
Size30oz Tumbler
Product dimension4.29 x 4.09 x 2.8 inches

More about this item:

  • Designed for: This lid is compatible with almost every 30oz tumbler including YETI tumbler, RTIC, Hydro-Flask, Ozark Trail many others.
  • Tight lock:  The clasp will lock tight enough that the liquid will never leak out of the tumblers.
  • NO Spilling: By using this lid, there is no need to be worried. Sit on the couch, walk in our garden, you can even enjoy your drink while you are driving your car. There won’t be any leakage afterward and keep your drink insulated.
  • Color choice: You can choose from 3 different colors: Black, Red, and Green.
  • Use your tumbler anywhere: Now when you are safe from spilling your drink. You can take your tumbler with you and enjoy your drink anywhere you want.
  • Its BPA-Free: BPA plastic is considered to be harmful when used too often. If your drink touches the lid. It’s no problem.

User Reviews:

This Product has 4.1 out of 5 stars. I think that is more than enough to convince someone to buy the product. Every product has its downsides too, but still, this product manages to gain such popularity. This lid is easy to clean, you can gift this to anyone to use having YETI tumbler. The suction power of this lid really good water, coffee anything can be drunk from it easily.

Where to buy: 

On the internet, there are several options for online shopping. But, the first option goes through the mind the Amazon. There are several hundred thousand products available online for shopping. This lid is available at Amazon for under $10. At this price, this product can save you from a lot of trouble.


Having a lid with your YETI tumbler is a must. It can save you from a lot of painful trouble. When you use a lid with your tumbler you eliminate the fear of your drink spilling out whether you are sitting in your home, garden, or driving your car. This will keep your coffee safe anywhere.  

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