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Top Seven Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are meant for making cooking and dining simpler tasks.  Now days, various kitchen accessories which can be used for different purposes are available in the market. This article discusses seven great kitchen accessories which are a must have for every home:     Cake And Pie Server- This kitchen accessory serves the dual purpose of dividing cakes and pies in to slices and transferring them to a plate. It comprises of a thin edge meant for slicing and a large face for holding and transferring the slice to a container.     Mortar And Pestle- This is used for crushing different varieties of food items manually. The mortar resembles a bowl and is created from either wood or porcelain. The pestle which resembles a club performs the function of crushing the food items against the mortar.     Whisk- Whisks are used for blending various ingredients together. They comprise of a succession of wire loops on one end and a long handle on the other. Some of the whisks are created using bamboos.     Pastry Blender- It performs the function of blending the various ingredients used while making pastry like flour and butter in a container. It comprises of a strong handle and a series of wires shaped like a crescent.     TOASTER- A very popular kitchen accessory item, it is used commonly in homes. These are electrical appliances which toast bread products within a few minutes by utilizing heat elements. The modern toasters with wider space can even be used for toasting English muffins, pizza, burrito and bagels. All you need to do is place the bread items in the grilling area.     Juicer- Juicers are used for secreting juices from vegetables, fruits and herbs. Both electrical and mechanical juicers are available in markets these days. The juices present inside the fruits and vegetables are known for their nutritional value and are extremely good for health.     Pressure Cooker- In the older times cooking used to be an arduous task. But with the emergence of pressure cookers things changed. They enable us to cook food at higher temperatures and greater humidity. The maximum temperature on a pressure cooker can go up to 121 degree centigrade. The food can be cooked in much lesser time in pressure cookers than by other means.     Apart from the above mentioned kitchen accessories there are various other items which can be used for making cooking and eating easier.