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Classical Kitchen Furniture

Kitchens are an important part of any home. Kitchens require storage space for cooking equipment, Kitchen Utensils meant for dining and food items. For these purposes cabinets are installed in kitchens. These cabinets are not only used for storage but also enhance the attractive of the kitchen. Now days, various options are available with regards to kitchen cabinets. This article discusses the various types of kitchen cabinets which can be used at homes.

Before the 1920’s generally movable cabinets were used in kitchens. The built in kitchen cabinets first appeared in the post world war one period. The built kitchen cabinets offered the advantage of better space usage. With advancement in craftsmanship Kitchen Designs have advanced considerably. Now day’s kitchens have larger cabinets in terms of size and number. Some of the latest features which are seen in modern kitchen cabinets are pull out shelves, deep drawers, drawer slides etc.

Different varieties of woods can be used for the construction of kitchen cabinets. The solid wood is used extensively in bases, doors, sides and frames of the kitchen cabinets. Teak, maple and oak are the most commonly used solid woods. Solid wood cabinetry is expensive and is mostly used by affluent people. The cabinet sides, shelves and drawer bottoms are made from plywood.

The cabinets can be constructed in various shapes like face frame cabinets, custom cabinets and frameless cabinets. The face frame cabinets are square shaped from the front side. This leads to enhanced rigidity and durability. These types of cabinets are used extensively in the United States.

The custom face frame cabinets can be shaped and designed as per the requirement of the customer. They offer a great variety in terms of Material And Design.  These cabinets are much more expensive as they comprise of special designs and materials.

The frameless cabinets have the advantage of better space utilization. In these cabinets the top and bottom panels serve the functions of the face frame. These kitchen cabinets had acquired great popularity during the post world war 2 period. The drawers and trays inside these cabinets can be moved giving a clearer view of the interiors of the cabinets.

While selecting kitchen cabinets for your home you have to basically look at your requirement and budget. In case of a larger budget you can choose the best designs which will not only offer storage space but will also make the kitchen appear beautiful.