ZEbag® Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case, Carry up to 6 bottles at once, for Use As Bag or Bar Mode, Black

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The ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case Black Can Hold Up to 6 Bottles at Once for Use As Bag or Bar Mode Black is an ultra-portable combination carrying case and wall rack that holds up to six bottles. With its clever accordion-style design, it's simple to store or hang, transformable into either a flat wine rack or space-saving hanging display in seconds.

Easy to carry

ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case is the ideal way to safely transport your bottles. It boasts an accordion style design for easy portability and can open up into a convenient vertical wall rack. Plus, it folds flat for storage in suitcases or other bags. This handy carrying bag is made from canvas with rigid internal padding to safeguard your wine. Its clever design allows you to store up to 6 bottles safely during transport, with mesh slots for snacks on the go, and comfortable padded handles that you'll enjoy holding while driving. This multi-functional display can serve as a carrier, bottle rack, or presentation display in any home. With its flexible slots that accommodate various wine bottle sizes--even larger craft beer bottles--this versatile piece makes an elegant and practical addition to any space. This wine bag, originally designed in France, makes it easy to take your wine on-the-go. Perfect for picnics and outdoor activities alike, it will surely leave a lasting impression as an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates wine. This wine carrier is the ideal addition for your next picnic or evening out, handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather with a stainless steel corkscrew that snaps securely into its pouch. When you're ready to enjoy, this wine carrier can be transformed into a bar mode that showcases up to six bottles of your favorite drink. It's an ideal way to show off your collection at events or parties, while its bar mode also keeps glasses close by so they can be served quickly without spilling. It's ideal for any special occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and family get-togethers. Additionally, wine enthusiasts will find this gift idea to be a wonderful present. The ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case can be conveniently stored, cleaned and hung on the wall. Crafted from durable impregnated fabric in four colors - black, red, khaki and grey - it comes with easy instructions for use. ZEbag® Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case, Carry up to 6 bottles at once, for Use As Bag or Bar Mode, Black

Easy to store

Planning a wine tasting trip or just wanting to bring home a bottle from the store? A wine carrier is an essential tool for anyone who appreciates drinking wine. These handy accessories allow you to safely transport chilled bottles without fear of leaks or breaks during transit. ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case features an innovative accordion-style design that opens into a vertical wall rack and can be laid flat for storage of up to 6 bottles. It also comes with side flaps that can be attached or detached as needed, plus the Zebag hook which can be fixed onto any door or wall for convenient mounting. This multi-purpose wine holder, designed in France, offers multiple uses for wine connoisseurs. It can double as either a carry case or bar mode to display your collection - the ideal gift for any special occasion! Transport your bottles of wine easily between locations with this lightweight cooler that keeps the temperature of your bottles maintained at their optimum. Perfect for picnics and outdoor events, keeping your favorite wines at their freshest! The ZEbag is made from durable canvas fabric with six triangular slots to hold wine bottles, all supported by an ergonomic handle for easy carrying. In just a few steps, it can be transformed into either a flat wine rack or space-saving hanging display for parties and grocery shopping. Internal padding and rigid partitions protect your bottles from shock, keeping them at the ideal temperature even when lying flat on the floor. Furthermore, the geometric shape of the ZEbag offers stability by keeping wine bottles from rolling around on cars or boat decks. Once you're done using the ZEbag, simply hang it back up to unzip. Choose from a range of colors such as black, red, khaki or grey for your convenience. When you're ready to transport your bottles, simply open the ZEbag and grab a glass from its compartment - perfect for enjoying your drink in style! Plus, this handy accessory comes equipped with two glasses as well as napkins for added convenience.

Easy to clean

ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case is one of the most innovative and clever wine carrier bags on the market. Not only does it hold up to 6 bottles for convenient transport, but it can also transform into a flat wine rack or vertical wall storage solution. This ingenious wine bottle holder features a clever folding design that creates six compartments to securely store up to 6 bottles, all held securely by its convenient handle. You can also transform it into a hanging rack by unraveling the bag and attaching its included hanging accessories. The hexagonal shape of the ZEbag makes it simple to store and transport your favorite wine or liquor without fear of bottles getting knocked into each other, spilling, or breaking. Internal padding and rigid partitions protect your bottles from shock while keeping them at a perfect temperature so you can enjoy them for longer. Another great feature of the ZEbag is its compact square design, taking up less luggage space. It comes in various colors such as black, red and grey and is constructed from durable impregnated fabric for extra longevity. Designed in France, the ZEbag is the premier wine bag designed to suit all your needs. Whether you're carrying it to a local restaurant, on vacation or just picking up bottles at the grocery store for yourself, it's an amazing accessory for any wine connoisseur! Plus, its foldable design and clever functionality make it ideal for home wine cellars too! Plus, as the only carrier that can function as bar mode, hanging display or carrying up to 6 bottles simultaneously - get yours today from desertcart with hassle-free shipping included!

Easy to hang

ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case is an innovative, smart and practical solution to transporting your wine collection. It holds up to 6 bottles simultaneously for convenient transport, plus it opens into a vertical wall rack too! Perfect for holding bottles of wine, champagne and liquor in various sizes - made out of durable yet eco-friendly canvas fabric that won't rip or fade over time. This patented hexagonal design is ideal for wine storage and protection, as its internal padding and rigid partitions help cushion bottles from shock impacts. Furthermore, it maintains your bottles at the ideal temperature so you can enjoy them at their optimal tasting levels. It comes in four vibrant colors: black, red, khaki and grey and is constructed of durable impregnated fabric. Its side flaps are removable so you can attach or detach them as needed. When not in use as a carrier, ZEbag can double as an 11-bottle rack and wall display for decorative purposes. Making it the ideal gift for wine connoisseurs of all sizes--especially those with large collections--ZEbag is sure to please everyone's palate! Another impressive feature is the ZEbag's bar mode, where bottles can be conveniently reached and poured without needing to remove them from their bag. This makes it ideal for parties or gatherings where you want to showcase your wine collection. Traveling or hosting a dinner party? The ZEbag Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case will turn your wine collection into an elegant focal point. It's the ideal accessory for an elegant hostess and easy to use too - ideal! Designed in France, the ZEBag is an attractive folding wine carrying case that stores, presents and displays your collection. Available in 4 color options, its durable impregnated fabric makes it a must-have for wine drinkers everywhere. Plus, desertcart - a legitimate site operating across 164 countries since 2014 - guarantees delivery of this product while using advanced technologies and software systems to protect customer details for a secure shopping experience.

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