Wooden Wine Rack-Holds 44 Bottles-Unfinished Pine (Unfinished Pine) (40.5″h x 17″w x 10.5″d)

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When it comes to wine storage, a reliable rack is key. Not only will it keep your bottles in excellent condition, but it will also allow you to enjoy your favorite vino at a later date. When selecting a wine rack, take into account the size of your space and how many bottles you typically have on hand. Additionally, store it in an environment-controlled location like a garage or basement to maintain optimal temperature stability.


This wall-mounted wine rack holds 44 bottles of unfinished pine for a sleek appearance. It's ideal for homes and businesses seeking to maximize storage space. Plus, the top shelf provides convenient access for serving drinks, platters and glassware. Although this rack is ideal for small spaces, it won't hold your large wine collections. To accommodate your collection, you should find a larger rack or consider investing in an airtight refrigerator-style wine cooler that will store bottles securely. For young bottles of white and red that you plan to drink soon, a display wine rack works best at room temperature or below (around 55 degrees Fahrenheit). These shelves can be mounted on the wall of your pantry, closet or dining room but be mindful that they could get too hot or cold to protect your wines from moisture or light damage. Another option is a countertop rack like the one pictured, made of iron to prevent bottles from rolling off or tipping over. It takes up minimal space but helps organize your wine collection while protecting labels from scratching. This rack doubles as a bar cart and features an under-shelf for wine glass charms or other wine accessories. It's the perfect solution for homeowners who don't have room for a full bar but need an organized way to store their glasses and corkscrews. This unit can also serve as a wine-by-the-glass dispenser and is perfect for home bars, restaurant kitchens or commercial settings. Plus, its wheels make moving around easy! If you need a wine rack that can store an array of bottles, the Esigo 1 Classic is an ideal option. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and passion by master craftsmen, this rack was carefully designed for optimal storage conditions. This rack comes in three different kinds of wood and seven stains. It's sure to add an elegant touch to any wine lover's home, and you can impress your guests when you bring it out for holiday entertaining. Wooden Wine Rack-Holds 44 Bottles-Unfinished Pine (Unfinished Pine) (40.5"h x 17"w x 10.5"d)


A wooden wine rack is the ideal way to showcase your favorite wines and create a stylish display. Wooden wine racks come in various materials such as pine, mahogany and premium redwood; all are durable enough for use in any room of the home. When designing a wood wine rack, the type of wood used can make all the difference in its aesthetic. Popular choices include Redwood and Mahogany; these hardwoods are known for their resistance to warping, decay and infestation - perfect for keeping wine bottles looking and tasting fresh! Another popular type of wood for a wine rack is Cedar. This natural material can withstand the weight of multiple bottles at once and doesn't give off any unpleasant odor that might affect the taste of the wine. You could also go for a plastic wine rack, which is lightweight and easy to maintain. These types of racks are ideal for those who have limited space or want to keep costs down. Metal wine racks are another great option for those who need to store their bottles in a smaller space. These types of racks tend to be thinner than wood ones, helping you save space. Furthermore, metal wine racks add an upscale aesthetic to homes. If you're on a budget, why not DIY your own wine rack from scrap wood? This project is so affordable that it will allow you to transform an unwanted piece of furniture into beautiful decor for your home. This wine rack is an excellent way to recycle scrap wood and reduce landfill waste. Plus, it's a great opportunity for creative people to build something they'll be proud of having in their home! This wine rack can hold up to 44 bottles, making it the ideal size for any kitchen, closet or basement. Not only that, but you can store your favorite wines safely inside the rack and show them off when guests visit!


If you're in search of a wooden wine rack for your home, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some are made from recycled materials while others are handmade. No matter which wood type you select, there are some important factors to take into account before purchasing one. For instance, you should determine the size of your space and how many bottles typically reside there. This will enable you to decide what size wine rack is necessary for optimal functionality in that space. Furthermore, make sure the rack matches both your space and wine collection for optimal compatibility. When selecting a wine rack, style is another important factor to consider. Your selection will influence both the appearance of your space and how well it functions. For instance, if you prefer an updated look with straight lines and sleek design elements, look for products with these characteristics. Wine racks are often made out of redwood or mahogany, both of which possess natural resistance to humidity and mold. Furthermore, these woods can easily be stained and come in various finishes. Other types of wood can also be utilized for wooden wine racks, such as pine and white oak. These tend to be the more affordable options and take stain well. You can find wood that can withstand the intense heat from a wood-fired kiln. These racks are ideal for those building wine cellars or having one in their home. Finally, some wooden wine racks can be used to create an artistic visual impact in your space. These usually bookcase-style racks feature double sided designs and can be paired with other pieces of decor such as wine glasses and decanters. Are you searching for a wine rack with an eye-catching style? Consider purchasing this Floating Wooden Wine Rack. It will give your bottles of vino an eye-catching and contemporary appearance.


The cost of a wooden wine rack varies based on its wood type, finish, and customizability. Kit-based or "do-it-yourself" unfinished racks typically start around $4 per bottle or $50 per case of wine. The cost of a wooden wine rack will depend on how many bottles you need to store. Generally, opt for an upright floor-standing rack with an even surface. Your bottles will stay safe and secure on a wine rack, especially if they are stored for extended periods. For optimal safety, place the rack in an area that is dark and temperature-controlled like a basement or garage. If you're planning to showcase your wine collection, custom lighting can be a cost-effective way to spruce up the look of wooden racks. However, keep in mind that direct sunlight may damage high-quality wine bottles. For serious wine connoisseurs, custom wooden racks can be designed to fit your space perfectly and store large volumes of bottles. Usually constructed from oak, these racks can be stained to match a specific decor. They come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and finishes that make them the perfect addition to your home, restaurant or pub. A wooden wine rack not only provides practical storage, but it can add an air of elegance to your dining or kitchen area. They can be decorated with your favorite design elements like a chandelier or mirror. Alternatively, wine bottles can be stacked in different ways to create unique patterns. Doing this creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere if you have many bottles to store. The cost of a wooden wine rack will depend on the number of bottles you need to store and its dimensions. Prices vary based on wood type and stain (if applied).

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