Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up Frozen Wine Drinks

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If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite wine, try these Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up Frozen Wine Drinks. They’re easy to make, convenient and perfect for parties! Wine-A-Rita is a Texarkana, Texas based business that specializes in drink mixes. They are the creators of a powdered blend of berry flavors that when mixed with wine and ice creates a frozen “wine slushie.”

Berry Pom-A-Rita

Berry Pom-A-Rita is a clever, frozen wine drink mix. It's a blend of blueberry and pomegranate flavors that taste great with any red or white wine. The mix is all-natural and contains no preservatives, additives or artificial flavors and it's certified K-Kof kosher. Using this recipe, you'll be able to create a delicious, slushy wine beverage that's perfect for a hot summer day. You'll just need to combine half a package of the mix, 12 ounces of wine and ice. The drink is sweet and tart and you'll find that the pomegranate and blueberry flavors are a great way to boost your antioxidant intake. This drink also contains no added sugar and is a healthy choice for your summer parties. In addition, the berries used in this drink mix are a source of fiber and a good source of Vitamin C. They're also a good source of calcium and magnesium, which help keep you feeling energized throughout the day. You'll be able to create this drink mix without alcohol by mixing it with cranberry juice, but you can also use your favorite red or white wine to make this frozen cocktail. This drink mix is a great option for those looking for an alcohol-free alternative to a traditional margarita. This frozen drink mix is made by Wine-A-Rita and can be purchased in a variety of packages, including a six pack for $25. They come in many different flavors, including Peach Bellini, Senorita, Skinny Senorita, CosmoRita and Berry Pom-A-Rita (today's star). Each of the mixes comes with wine suggestions that are specific to each flavor. You can also purchase a mix-it-up package that contains five of their sensational flavors for $48. These drinks are easy to make and can be mixed with any wine you prefer, from your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon to a lighter Pinot Noir. You can even add vodka to the mix for a sophisticated twist on a classic cocktail. These frozen wine drinks are a fun and exciting way to enjoy wine! Whether you're planning a party or just want to have a frozen cocktail on hand, these drinks are a great option for any occasion. Plus, they're made with all-natural ingredients and are gluten-free and kosher. Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up Frozen Wine Drinks


Senorita is a Spanish word that means “young lady.” This term is used to address young women in a polite manner. It is similar to the English term miss. The word senorita is not limited to Spanish speaking countries, but is also used in other languages. For example, it is often used in French and Italian to refer to a beautiful young woman. A senorita is an elegant looking young lady, usually with long dark hair. It is a common sight in restaurants to see this type of person with a white or light colored dress and red lipstick. You will find this type of lady on the menu in most restaurants in Spain and other parts of Latin America. The word senorita has many uses in Spanish, including as a compliment to a lovely young woman, a term of address and a good name for a cigar-shaped wrasse, an olive brown and creamy white fish found off the coast of California. There are many different variations of the senorita, and it is an excellent choice for any occasion that requires an attractive, youthful looking female. The word senorita has its detractors, however, and can be considered a machismo gimmick. In fact, the use of the senorita title is frowned upon by some Spanish speakers, and may be seen as an insult by others. The Royal Academy of the Spanish language has stated that senora is a more appropriate title for married women, while senorita is best reserved for single ladies. Using the senorita title correctly is not always easy, especially if you are unfamiliar with the Spanish language or the customs of the natives you will be meeting. In the end, it comes down to individual preference. To make things easier, Wine-A-Rita has created a series of Frozen Wine Drinks that are as tasty as they are fun to drink. They have a variety of exciting flavors, including the popular Wine Glace, Peach Bellini, CosmoRita, Skinny Senorita and Blueberry Pomegranate. These are all made from award winning cocktail mixes that are a fun and effective way to add some excitement to any dinner party or evening out. You can even mix one up yourself in your own blender!


A classic cocktail that has stood the test of time, a Cosmo combines citrus vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice in one sip. The pink-hued Cosmo was first created in the 1980s, and became a trendy drink in the late 1990s and early 2000s when it was featured on HBO’s hit show “Sex and the City.” It was probably the most popular cocktail in America for a while, but its popularity is slowly waning. This energizing cocktail comes in the form of a mix from Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up, a frozen wine drink company that makes it easy to turn any bottle of red or white wine into a slushy drink in minutes. You simply add the mix to your favorite beverage of choice, ice and blend until smooth. Their newest product is the Mix It Up variety pack, which includes a full set of their sensational drinks in one convenient package, including the CosmoRita. The Cosmo Rita is a well-crafted variation on the classic cosmo, but it takes on its name with tequila as its base spirit instead of vodka. Tequila is a good choice because it has a more earthy and vegetal profile than vodka, which makes it stand out in the drink. It also changes the classic ratios, decreasing the orange liqueur and lime juice while doubling up on the cranberry juice for a bold cranberry punch. There are many variations on the cosmo, but the best version is probably the tequila-infused variant. It is the most fun to make and also the most refreshing.

Margarita Cocktail

The classic margarita is one of the world's most famous cocktails. It's refreshing, easy to make, and perfectly balanced. It's perfect for a warm summer evening or an impromptu dinner party. The tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice are a harmonious combination. This simple drink is an absolute must-have in your cocktail arsenal. You can make a traditional margarita with just these three ingredients, or you can add other ingredients to your cocktail such as fresh fruit juices and even ice cream. A variety of other flavored margaritas are also available, as well as some non-alcoholic versions. There are many different variations of the original recipe, but they all follow the same basic formula: tequila, orange liqueur (usually Cointreau), and lime juice. Some recipes include sugar as well, and some use simple syrup instead of orange liqueur. If you want to make a sweeter version of the classic margarita, you can add agave syrup to your recipe. This will add a touch of sweetness to your drink and will be slightly tart, as well. For the tequila, you should choose a good-quality tequila, such as tequila blanco. This is the best quality tequila and will give you the best taste in your margarita. This tequila can be purchased in most liquor stores or in supermarkets that sell tequila. It can also be found at craft tequila stores and online stores that specialize in tequila. The tequila can be shaken or blended with the other ingredients, with or without ice. It can also be served on the rocks or with a salt rim. Another popular variation of the margarita is to add cranberry juice or pomegranate juice, which is rich in antioxidants. The cranberry and blueberry flavors will add a unique twist to the classic margarita, while the pomegranate will add a bright, refreshing flavor. Some people like to serve their margaritas with a salt rim, while others prefer to leave the rim bare. Either way, the rim is very important in giving the cocktail its signature salty flavor and texture. The history of the margarita can be traced back to 1936 when a bartender named Danny Negrete was working in the Hotel Garci Crispo in Tehuacan, Mexico. He was making a cocktail for his future sister-in-law, Margarita, and she liked the addition of salt. He reportedly poured one-third Cointreau, one-third tequila, and one-third lime juice over hand-crushed ice in a rocks glass. He later moved to Tijuana and became a bartender at the Agua Caliente racetrack.

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