Urban Trend Wine Tasting Party Kit

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A wine tasting party can be an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion or simply spend time with your friends. You can also use the event to learn more about a particular wine or spirit. As with any event, you’ll need a good venue, food, and alcohol to host a successful wine tasting. You’ll want to plan your menu around the theme of your event and include foods that will complement the wines you’re serving.

Product Description

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just want to learn more about the wines you love, the Urban Trend Wine Tasting Party Kit can help you enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages in an entertaining and engaging way. It is perfect for parties, game nights, and other social gatherings where you can interact with your friends while tasting different varieties of wines. This kit is a great way to get the conversation flowing while you learn more about different kinds of wine and its aromas. Its elegant design makes it an ideal accessory to give as a gift to anyone who loves wine or would like to know more about the different flavors and fragrances it offers. It is also an excellent tool for teaching your children about wine and its different nuances and flavors. It includes a deck of 60 wine tasting cards that can be used to track a variety of nuances related to the smell, taste, and texture of each wine. The kit comes with three velveteen bottle sacks that hide up to eight bottles of wine. The sacks are made of dark red velveteen and have Velcro closures that adhere to the bottles’ necks. The bottle sacks are easy to store and come in a convenient storage pouch. This blind wine tasting game is a fun activity that can be played by novices and experts alike. Its stylish design makes it a good option for informal gatherings or professional events. Unlike other wine tasting games, this one allows you to choose the number of bottles you want to hide. Its 10 bottle bags will make it easier for you to test your skills and determine if you are a true expert in the field. It also includes a sensory chart that will help you identify the aromas in the wine. It is suitable for both red and white wines, and it can be used as a fun activity for adults and kids. This kit is a great way to make wine tasting more enjoyable for you and your guests. Its elegant design will add to the elegance of your party and it will ensure that all the participants have a great time while testing their wine knowledge. Its affordable price and quality of the materials make it a must-have for anyone who wants to turn their parties into a classy and entertaining event. Urban Trend Wine Tasting Party Kit

Product Features

The Urban Trend Wine Tasting Party Kit has a long list of impressive features. Among the many components of this hefty box are a wine fact sheet aficionado will appreciate, the wine tasting jargon, the best part is that it's all inclusive. This means you can eschew the hassle of planning and executing the soiree without sacrificing your sanity or that of your guests. This also frees you from the dreaded task of selecting the right wines, and you won't have to worry about the logistics of storing them all in your own home. We've been around since 2014 and are proud to have been rated by desertcart in the top five for quality, customer service and security. If you're in the market for a high-end quality gift for your bestie, this is the place to go.

Product Benefits

The Urban Trend Wine Tasting Party Kit is a great way to turn your next party into a first-class event. The kit includes wine bottles slipped into velveteen bags, where guests can write descriptions on scorecards and engage in conversation. The kit also comes with wine placemats and a rating sheet, plus helpful tips for the party host. It’s the perfect choice for any wine tasting event — whether blind or hand-picked. In addition to the kit itself, you will need table linens, a small dining table and chairs, utensils, servingware, and snacks for your guests to enjoy while they taste the wines. Having these items readily available is a good idea, but it’s also possible to hire or rent them from a service that specializes in providing these products. It’s important to consider transportation for your party, especially if you’re planning a large group and want to ensure everyone can get home safely after the event. This could include arranging rides via Uber or Lyft, designating drivers, or hiring a shuttle to pick people up from the event site and take them home. If you’re interested in purchasing this wine kit, you can check out desertcart. The website has been operating since 2014 and has a reputation for being a legitimate online store that offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The company uses the latest upgraded technologies and software systems to safeguard customers’ information and transactions. The company also provides fast and secure shipping services to 164 countries worldwide. This makes it one of the best places to purchase wine kits online. You can also find a large selection of other wine related products on the site.

Product Conclusions

If you are considering hosting a blind wine tasting party, this kit has the ingredients for a successful evening. It comes with the fancy, albeit expensive, bottle holder as well as a host of other items that will ensure your guests leave the house buzzed about and a better informed consumer about wine in general. The aforementioned snazzy holder is also a great place to store the wine of your choice, making this kit a one stop shop for all things wine. Among other things, the kit includes the following: 3 velveteen wine bags, 12 glass identifiers, 12 pencils, 2 "Quick Facts" sheets, and the aforementioned aforementioned wine holder.

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