Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2

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If you’re looking to unwind with your favorite brandy or cognac, look no further than the Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2. These glasses feature a clever unique design and are crafted perfectly to fit into your hand. They are slightly angled and supported by three feet, and feature a central peak to help aerate your drink and release its aromas and flavours.

Schott Zwiesel Pure

Schott Zwiesel has a long history of innovation in the glass industry. This includes the first machine-made stemware and the first lead-free crystal glass. Its latest breakthrough is the patented Tritan technique that produces extra-strong crystalline stemware. This proprietary mix of materials, with tempering of vulnerable points, enables Tritan crystal to be the most durable and brilliant glass in the world. The resulting crystal glass is dishwasher safe, and it does not lose quality over durability like many other types of glass. It also resists shattering and chipping, which makes it ideal for casual use at home or outdoor excursions. Another great option is the Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2. This brandy glass is perfect for those who love to smell the alcohol they consume, as well as raise their senses when sipping. Its balloon shaped, bowl-like accents not only make it easier to hold, but they also help with aroma and flavor retention. The peaked center allows for swirling and mixing of the cognac. These glasses are the perfect gift for a seasoned drinker! They are shatter-resistant and made from BPA-free, USA Tritan plastics that are the thickest on the market. They are unbreakable and reusable, so you can enjoy your favorite drink any time of day!

Orrefors “Street”

One of the best gifts to give your brandy snob friends this holiday season is a set of top quality cognac glasses. These gimmes are sure to impress any occasion, from the grand daddy of them all to a small soiree in your home bar. The best part? They’re affordable too. For under $50 you’ll get two of the finest crystal wares around. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, these snifters will have you toasting in style. There are many great cognac glasses out there, but the one we found to be the most enticing and the most fun to use is the Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2. The top notch design is made from top notch materials like blown crystal and is dishwasher safe to boot. The hefty snifter is a must have in every wine connoisseur’s collection, and the two glasses are the perfect complement to any evening with friends or family. Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2

Ravenscroft Crystal Tulip

When it comes to sipping on the elixir of life, nothing beats a snifter made from real crystal. Not only does this glass look like a diamond in the rough, but it’s also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a busy household. And, if you’re into your alcohol on a budget, you can get two of these bad boys for less than $50. The best part is you’ll get to drink from a cool looking glass that actually tastes better than it looks, all the while saving yourself a few bucks in the process. If you’re the type that loves to collect snifters (yes, there are many), the Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2 may be just what you’ve been looking for. This set features a hefty 22 ounces of the good stuff, and is available in a variety of colors to match any decor. If you’re in the market for the best snifter on the market, there’s no better place to start than at this online retailer. You can save 7% off your first purchase by entering code SAVEMORE at checkout.

Riedel VINUM

For more than 260 years family-owned European glass manufacturer Riedel has been creating stunning, innovative glassware coveted by millions of people around the world. This set of two Riedel Vinum cognac glasses, designed in 1986, is machine-made from crystal with a round, wide, balloon shaped bowl that sits perfectly in the hand and allows the liquid to warm to the perfect drinking temperature. These unique glasses have a peak center which mixes the cognac while sipping to provide increased aroma and flavor. This tulip flute differs from the traditional “balloon-bowl” cognac snifters which have a wider surface area for evaporation, which can detract from the experience. The VINUM glass series, introduced in 1986 by 10th generation glassmaker Georg J. Riedel, is the first machine-made glass range based on grape varietal characteristics to be offered at an affordable price point. This line offers quality and sophistication at an accessible price point, without sacrificing the durability you expect from glassware. The Viognier/Chardonnay glass is 7.75 inches tall and weighs 6.4 ounces, making it light in the hand while remaining durable enough to withstand frequent use. These glasses are also dishwasher safe for quick cleanup after dinner parties and romantic meals for two. This makes them a great choice for wine lovers and those looking for an elegant, yet affordable glass to add to their barware collection.

Waterford Lismore Red

When you want to sip your favorite brandy or cognac, there is no better way than this Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2. Designed to fit into the palm of your hand and slightly angled with three feet, these glasses support your hands to provide added warmth as well as help aerate the alcohol. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or just to add some sparkle to your own collection, this crystal glass set will be the perfect choice. It comes in a stylish gift box and is sure to make the perfect addition to your barware. The Waterford Lismore Red is a modern version of the classic Lismore pattern, featuring a generous oversized bowl and thinner wall, making it ideal for unlocking the flavors and aromas of red wine. The slender profile of the glass will accent the subtlety of Beaujolais or magnify the impact of flavorful Chianti or Rioja. Originally embellished as a simple water goblet, the Lismore pattern is Waterford Crystal’s most enduring cut and a classic symbol of chic elegance. A fusion of inspiration from the landscape, and skills passed down generation to generation, it remains a timeless treasure and an emblem of the brand’s heritage.

Barski Crystal Glass

This Final Touch Relax Cognac Glass Set of 2 is perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite brandy or cognac in a new way. Designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand and with three feet for resting on a table, these glasses feature a peak in the center that mixes while you sip to increase the aromas and flavors. These glasses come in a stylish gift box that makes wrapping them unnecessary. They make an excellent gift for brandy and cognac lovers on any occasion! When shopping for crystal glassware, keep an eye out for a rainbow prism effect, a musical ring, and a rounded, polished edge. These signs indicate that you’re buying a quality product. The best glasses for tasting spirits are tulip-shaped, which optimize the experience of sipping many different kinds of alcohol. They’re ideal for cognac, but they also work well for other styles of liquor (grappa, calvados, and younger Armagnacs) and single malt and blended whiskies. The next time you’re in the market for a new drinking glass, consider this beautiful crystal recommendation from Brides contributor Elizabeth MacLennan. She’s been scouring marketplaces around the world for years as a prop stylist, and she considers all the factors that go into choosing just the right glassware. She’s vetted these recommendations, so you can be sure they’re of the highest quality--and they won’t break your bank account!

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